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SHINee ‘Why So Serious: Misconceptions of Me’ Album Review

SHINee ‘Why So Serious: Misconceptions of Me’ Album Review LoriLou
1 Star: No. No. No. (Obliviate!)
2 Stars: Meh… (nothing more, just meh)
3 Stars: It's OK… (some good, some bad)
4 Stars: I like it! (hits replay)
5 Stars: LOVE! (dies of replay overdose)
Hallyu Smash! Rating:
User Rating: 4.8 (10 votes)

SHINee’s new album Why So Serious: Misconceptions of Me is out and I’ve been pondering and replaying it for a few days. When I first heard the titles of the songs I was pretty stoked because I thought we were going to see a darker side of SHINee, and really it didn’t quite go where I thought, but it did go down a darker path of creepster romance. (is that a thing? if not SHINee made it one) On with the review!


shinee-3rd-album-vol-3-chapter-2-why-so-serious-the-misconceptions-of-meNightmare: 4/5

This song is very Jonghyun centric. Its like Jonghyun and the Backup Singers during the chorus. SHINee is really good about scattering the parts evenly so this doesn’t bother me so much but it’s just something I noticed. I do like the chorus which is very dark and echoey and almost tragic. Key and Taemin’s parts are my favorite. I loved Key’s timed jump-ins and Taemin is so gritty in this song, love that aspect.

The lyrics confused me at first, I thought they were saying ‘Come and be my Dream Girl’ which I thought was a cool throwback, but nope, they say ‘Come and dream a dream girl’, so err… ok, not as cool but fine. Still a song I will replay as a SHINee favorite.


Why So Serious: 3/5

Again Taemin in this song is very gritty and screamy, is that a word? No? Hmmm, ok, well he’s screamy and it sounds good on him so there! When I first heard this song I was like er… I dunno about this. The lyrics start off kinda awesome but don’t match the happy go lucky rock anthem we’re given, and then they sort of go into a weird scolding vibe. Like, “Hey baby, whats your deal? Chillax! Your so uptight about this, who knows if we’ll end up in happily ever after land, but it’s all good!” and well, thats fine and all, but WTF does that have to do with the beginning verse and zombies? Who knows?! Does SM know? I bet they don’t, and that’s why Taemin is wearing a ‘Stop Making Sense’ shirt in the video.


Medusa I:  2/3

When the strings come in at the beginning I got really excited, I thought we were going to get some kind of classic rock opera with dark awesome feels. Then the verses start and I thought this song really reminds me of Nu’est’s ‘Action’, not so much what I wanted, but then the verse before chorus takes it in a totally different direction and again I thought I really like this! I really love Onew in that part, but then the chorus comes in and I’m like meh. It sort of ruined it for me. This song just doesn’t know what it wants. It’s a skipper for me.


Orgel: 4/5

Normally, I’m not the type to like slow ballads or slow songs in general. But this song just has something that grabs me, it’s slow and honestly strange. The best though was Onew’s run, it was FANTASTIC, I mean WOW Onew, it’s like his voice is the instrument and it’s gorgeous. Now I have to say, this song is flipping creepy! Like creepy to the point I was like OOOOOOKKKKKKKK that’s kinda freakin’ me out a tad. But the background music of mimicking the music box (orgel) and vocal harmonies go so well together that it just flat out works for me. The lyrics are pretty obsessive though if you make it a point to dwell on them. I loved it. I’m really surprised at myself to be honest. Replay!


Dangerous (Medusa II): 4/5

THIS should have been the title track on the album. Seriously, its great. I love everything about this song, er, ok maybe not the weird count downs (is this the same dude that calls their names in the ‘Dream Girl’ comeback stage?) that was just awkward and is why it’s a 4 song not a 5, but otherwise for me it’s one of the best songs on the album and I think has more universal appeal than my 5′s. The harmonies in this song are AMAZING and even Minho’s solo is great, meshes very well with the overall vibe and doesn’t seem out of place. Again why isn’t this the title track? *shakes head at SM*


Like a Fire: 3/5

Did SHINee turn into the Jackson 5 when I wasn’t looking? I swear this song is so 70′s funk-tastic I can’t stand it. The songs not bad at all, it’s just not my style musically, it makes me giggle. Its does have a funky beat you can dance too, but OMG, 70′s throwback y’all as soon as the chorus starts. That being said I found the lyrics to this song very refreshing. Normally when you read Kpop lyrics in english I feel like I have to decipher it again because everything is a damn metaphor or it reads like poetry, this was very straight to the point and was something I could relate too, unlike ‘Medusa I’ which just frustrated me all around.


Excuse Me Miss: 2/5

This song is something I can easily see Justin Timberlake or Usher singing. It’s that very in the now R&B flavor that is very prevalent in the U.S., with single artist especially. That said it’s just not my style and doesn’t really jive with the rest of the album style wise, lyrically it’s fine tough, this is a lovelorn album for sure. The song does have some good parts to it, I just don’t really care for the chorus. It’s weird for me when I like most of the song but not the chorus, because thats the fun part right? And the part where Jonghyun first said ‘Vanilla Ice’ I cracked up, because well, I’m sure you get it. Then in one part Taemin said ‘sweet, sweet love’ and I pulled the biggest cringe you ever saw. I RAN to the nearest lyrics site to confirm Taemin wasn’t getting all R&B dirty on me, and whew, he wasn’t, but you had me worried there for a second! I want Taemin to grow up, but I don’t think I’m ready for THAT yet.


Evil: 5/5

I Love this song, love it and I want to see this made into a MV, like yesterday. YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! You do too? (I had to sneak my fav part of the song in here) You remember back in the day when fanmade music videos were all the rage (are they still? thats sooooo 2005!), anyways, if this was set to Vampire Knight it might have made the anime actually interesting. The song is romantic, er…in a violent way, but dark and bit sultry as well. Again…WHY can’t we see this SHINee in an MV? Would it be shocking? Yes. Would it be awesome? Hell yes, if done right. Onew’s harmony leading us out of the song is perfection. Love it.


Sleepless Night: 5/5

Wow, I’ll disclaimer again before I start. I don’t like ballads, unless you’re Boys II Men, take it somewhere else. I just don’t dig them as a whole. There is no reason I should love this song like I do, and make no mistake, I LOVE it. Really I can’t help it after seeing this. It just gutted me. How can you not love a song where the boys literally bring people to tears? Almost all of the world can identify with these feelings of wanting something to work out so bad, even if it’s a poison arrow straight to your heart, you just want it, and it hurts like nothing else when it falls apart.

This is really what SHINee does best. As much as I love the dance tracks and the cute, this is where you see their vocals shine and come alive. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer happy dance SHINee, but I can’t deny the talent dripping from this song. Its an amazing song to sign off the album with, even though it only matched the love forlorn vibe of the album, it lacks the darkness the others have, but what a way to go!


Overall I give this album a 4 out of 5. It’s a much stronger album than part 1 and I’m thankful for that. There are only two songs that fall below average for me and while I was disappointed in the overall vibe of the album not being as dark as I thought, that was from my own assumptions, not SHINee lacking.

The album was still alot different from their previous ones and it’s a great album to break out on a day you’re feeling like love kicked you in the ass. Most of us can relate to that! The worst thing I think is that it’s over, we will now probably have to wait another year before SHINee comes out with a new album. Maybe SM can get of their asses and get us some EXO to hold us over. You think?




LoriLou is a self confessed Kpop & K-drama addict who writes when she's not staring at TaeMAN (not to be confused with Taemin, there is a difference). She's a Web Designer by day and a Smartass Wife, Super Tired Mom and FanWOMAN by night.